Fraud Protection Tips

At buyAcar our interest is to help customers providing an online platform for buying and selling their vehicles. We provide listings from car dealers as well as from the customers.

We frequently monitor online listings and try our best to eliminate fraudulent listings and scams on a regular basis. Though, few are not fully apparent and may result in fraudulent posted at

Buyers and sellers are advised to be cautious in conducting their own research for buying and selling your cars.

We have identified a few of the scam/fraudulent practices and listing here to avoid any fraud: –

Phishing/Spoofing is a very common online scam designed to trap you to disclose your personal/ financial information.


Spoofed Name: Name of the spoofed company/sender in the “FROM” field. But the email address is an outside email account (such as Gmail) that belongs to the attacker.

Reply-to-Spoofing: The “From” name, address field, and reply-to name are the real ones of buyAcar but the “Reply-to” address is the impostors.

Lookalike Domain: The attackers “From” address is close enough in appearance to the impersonated executives to fool busy recipients.

Spoofed Sender (With no reply-to address): The impostor email uses the name and email address of the spoofed buyAcar email, but the email does not contain a “Reply-to” address



You receive an email appearing to be from buyAcar asking you to disclose information e.g. verify your personal details or credit card.

When you click on a link it takes you to a fake website and site will ask you to enter your personal information such as email, passwords, account numbers, date of birth, credit card numbers, driver’s license, social insurance number, etc.

You may think you are proving this information to buyAcar, but in reality you are providing it to the scammer.

How to identify phishing?

Such email uses unusual language with unclear reasons to provide your personal information. The site it links to may have an unusual address. Verify the address in the URL bar, it may show a prefix of HTTP:// instead of https://.

Fake websites will have something similar ending with other random domains connects buyers and sellers in search of a vehicle and does not guarantee the security of any transactions, nor endorse any sale or purchase. We do not provide any form of financing or leasing contracts with buyers or sellers. E-mails claiming to be a part of the should be ignored as well as reported to us.

BuyACar don’t accept online payments and never ask you to provide your BANKING/CREDIT CARD details.

Common fraudulent email features.

Many fraudulent only want to be contacted by e-mail

Many fraudulent posts a phone number that doesn’t work

Most fraudulent avoid meeting personally and give extreme excuses and justification for not meeting personally.

They offer you buy your item without inspecting and for a price exceeding its value.

How to Buy a Used Vehicle Safely

After finding the vehicle, always contact the seller directly by the phone number listed on our site. If the phone number is not working do not try to contact via email as most cases of fraud are e-mail based.

Arrange a meeting with the seller to inspect the listed vehicle and stop the deal if the seller refuses to allow you.

Ask seller to provide the vehicle repair history/inspection report.

Never share your personal information i.e. banking information/account details/passwords/credit card, etc.


How to Sell a Used Vehicle Safely

List down all the details related to your vehicle and create an account at

Be honest while posting an Ad for your vehicle and with the buyer if vehicle had any issues or accident in the past.

Meet the customer personally to show your vehicle and answers their queries if they have any. If a customer contacts you willing to buy your car without having seen it or asking any questions, it is highly likely that he\she is fraudulent.

Make sure the prospective buyer have a valid driver’s license, especially if he\she is going to be taking your car for a test drive.

Never share your personal information i.e. banking information, passwords, SIN, credit card numbers, etc.

Once having selected a buyer, make sure you collect the payment by a certified cheque or cash, do not accept a personal check.

What to do if you are unsure?

If you receive an email which you suspect maybe phishing or you are unsure, do not click any links or enter any details. Contact buyAcar support immediately.

Report Fraudulent Ads

At Buy A Car, we do our best to make buying or selling your vehicle a pleasant experience. If you ever come across a suspicious listing or content that doesn’t comply with the rules and standards, please contact us at

If you have been a victim of fraud, you may contact us or choose:

The Anti Fraud Center toll-free at 1-888-495-8501 or visit

Contact local Crime Stoppers/RCMP at

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