Smart consumers identify the value for money when they opt for used vehicles instead of new ones. Organized pre-owned car dealers in Surrey certify the quality of a pre-owned vehicle and also assist you in getting your car financed.

The sale of new cars has plunged in the recent past, and the market for the pre-owned vehicle has continuously grown over the past year. It’s even promisingly heading past the new car market.

The decline in the growth rate of the new car market has gone down due to a variety of reasons. Experts added that the demand is now shifting towards the pre-owned vehicles for sale in Surrey.

Growing Preference

So, what explains the preference of people typing ‘pre-owned cars near me’ on their search engine? Value for money is the top reason for people preferring a used car over a new one.

The value of a new car depreciates immensely once it leaves the showroom, up to 50% in the first year for some models. The aspirations of owning the same car are getting fulfilled at a lower cost. But, unlike the new car market, the pre-owned vehicles for sale in Surrey is primarily driven by supply rather than demand.

In most cases, a three-year-old vehicle is as good as new, which alone encourages a buyer to go for a pre-owned car.

Why Should You Buy from a Pre-owned Car Dealer in Surrey?

Pre-owned car dealers offer significant advantages over independent sellers or private parties.

  • Valuation: A dealer helps you spot the right vehicle as per your requirements and offer a wide variety of options to pick from. Dealers often use car price guide tools to indicate vehicle costs accurately. You get to compare features and vehicles and even get help from intelligent algorithms.
  • Customization: When you directly buy from an owner, you’re stuck with whatever is in front of you. But, pre-owned car dealers in Surrey often offer you customization built into the price of the vehicle. You can get a vast amount of aftermarket upgrades and accessories without having to worry about them afterward.
  • Finance: A private seller doesn’t help you with money. You’ll have to figure out the financing yourself. But dealerships work with many lenders who help you craft a custom financing plan with no extra hassle. You get the best interest rate possible and your car, all under a single roof.
  • Reputation: Word of mouth is immensely valuable to dealerships. Pre-owned car dealers in Surrey have no intention to leave you unhappy for petty reasons. You get additional security while buying from a dealer as they have a reputation to uphold. Most dealerships also provide their warranty that covers certain aspects of the vehicle. Although it’s not a full warranty but something you can’t dream about when making a deal with a private owner. Private sellers are not accountable once the sale is made.
  • Ease of Paperwork: Dealerships usually do all the paperwork for you. You’re free from all the hassles and legal formalities of an ownership transfer. You go, select, and drive your vehicle home.
  • Insurance: Getting a used car insured is much cheaper when compared to a new vehicle. Additional taxes and clauses make the new car even more expensive.

Slower depreciation and relaxed driving

When it comes to value depreciation, pre-owned cars have an upper-hand over new cars. Any vehicle loses most of its value in the first three years. So, it’s most probable that when you buy a pre-owned car, it has already gone through a significant depreciation.

Drive a pre-owned car with more confidence without getting panicky of getting that first dent or scratch. We all hate that. Chances are your used car already got its share of beauty-spots over time.

You can take your vehicle for longer drives without caring much about the first service which new car owners generally avoid. The point is, with a pre-owned car, you won’t hesitate to drive through narrow lanes or busy neighborhoods that you would typically worry about with a new car.

Best Time to Purchase a Pre-owned Vehicle

Buying at the right time can slash the cost to own a used car further down. Private owners don’t have set targets, unlike dealers who have set targets to achieve. Quarterly sales deadlines are an excellent time to buy, i.e., the end of March, June, September, and December. Dealers are more open to negotiations and attractive financial packages.

While buying from private owners, it’s best to approach when other buyers are away—something like deep into summer holidays or during the Christmas holiday season. Winter is a good time to bargain for a decent deal.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Pre-owned Car

Whether you buy your next car from a pre-owned car dealer in Surrey or from a private owner, buying one is a daunting task. Look for these crucial things before you close the deal.

  • Consider the entire cost involved. Apart from monthly repayments, you’ll have to consider ongoing costs such as insurance, tax, fuel, parking, and servicing.
  • Smaller engines are cheaper to maintain. Cars with larger engines burn more fuel. And that’s why cars with smaller engines are more affordable to run. Additionally, diesel cars are expensive to buy.
  • Shop around and bargain. It pays well if you don’t just pick a car at the first dealership you came across. Do some research, visit several dealerships, and haggle a bit.
  • Check the car thoroughly inside out before you part with your hard-earned money. If you don’t know much about cars, get a friend or a mechanic who can guide you well.

Always ensure that you’re getting what you’re paying for. If any feature seems non-functional or damaged, ask for a lower price.

At the End – Don’t Forget to Take a Test Drive!

A test drive tells you instantly whether the car is a good fit for you and about its overall condition. Consider the vehicle’s mileage. Low mileage is not always better than the other.

Don’t rush into picking your next pre-owned vehicle. Research thoroughly and make a well-informed purchase.

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