The used car market is gaining popularity amongst masses owing to the rising cost of vehicles, fuels, and loans among others. Customers looking for affordable options are turning to the used car market in order to fulfill the dream of owning a car.

Surrey has emerged as one of the leading pre-owned car markets offering a bouquet of options, in terms of price and model, for used cars in Surrey. Buying a used car is a wise option investment-wise as it offers you the ability to purchase your dream car sans the amount lost due to depreciation.

Advantages Of Buying Used Cars In Surrey

  • Cost savings with reduced depreciation value.
  • The opportunity of owning a luxury car at half the price of a brand new car.
  • Reduced tax and registration fees.
  • When buying through used cars dealers, the cars undergo a thorough inspection.
  • No more waiting long periods to drive your car home.

What Do Used Cars In Surrey Mean?

 A used car implies that the car is currently or previously registered to a different user, private or corporate. The car is typically at least a year old and must have racked up a few thousand miles on its way.

Thorough diligence is required on your part before you settle on buying used cars in Surrey. Ensuring the history and the current physical condition of the car, outstanding finances or any other issues must be looked into before you make that purchase.

Here are some questions to ponder upon before you buy used cars in Surrey.

Why do you want to buy a used car?

This is an important question to consider before you even go about looking for used car options. With the number of dealers and pre-owned vehicles available in the market it is easy to get overwhelmed with choices.

Why do you need the car? Are you looking for a luxury sedan or it’s a spacious minivan you are interested in?  From where are you planning to buy used cars in Surrey? It would be wise to zero-in on a budget before you go car shopping.

Get a clear understanding of your requirement, what sort of vehicle will be best suited for your need, and then go about looking for options.

Are you fixated on buying a particular make or model?

This can be a tricky situation to be in. As mentioned above it is important to prioritize and identify the type of vehicle which will be the best fit for you but, at the same time do not fixate on a brand, model, or must-have features.

When buying used cars in Surrey, you need to keep an open mind. If it is a model that does not catch your fancy but if it is an affordable option as per your other requirements, will you be ready to make the trade-off? 

It is, of course, possible to find a car that checks all the boxes on your list with the help of experienced used car dealers. Alternatively, unpopular models can be bought at great bargain prices. Keep an open mind about your options, when in doubt get in touch with experts for more information.

Have you considered the costs of driving around a used car in Surrey?

Buying a used car is definitely a cost-saving option when it comes to depreciation value, especially when the car is a year or two old. But once you own the car you need to factor in costs for fuel, service, maintenance, and repairs.

Ideally, a used car comes in with a warranty of 3, 6, or 12 months. Older cars have much fewer warranty periods. Even franchises offering cars marked as ‘approved used’ offer a warranty period of 12 months.

Maintaining older cars, in the long run, might cause you to shell out more money from your pocket. This amount falls on the higher end for different types of luxury and sports used cars in Surrey

How to test drive a used car?

If you are buying a used car from a professional dealer, the car will have gone through different checks ensuring its condition and quality. But to be on a safer end, it is advised you make a few checks of your own to verify the condition of the vehicle.

You can also check for the car details with DVLA’s free online portal. Also, check for a car’s MOT history before proceeding with a deal.

Here are few physical tests you can perform before buying used cars in Surrey:

  • Is the body of the car in good shape? Are there any dents, scratches, uneven panels, discoloration that catch your attention?
  • Use the penny trick to check for the wear and tear the tires have undergone.
  • Check whether all buttons, features, indicators are working as expected. For example steering wheel, seat belts, ventilation system, sunroof, windows, locks, and more.
  • Drive around the car, with the permission of the owner, and check for inconsistencies.
  • The steering wheel should be smooth, there shouldn’t be any unusual rattling sounds, brakes and clutch should work as expected.

Are you aware of different financing options available for used cars in Surrey?

There are different ways through which you can pay for a used car:

Cash: This is one of the straightforward and cheapest ways to buy used cars in Surrey. There are no extra interest rates involved and you could also bargain for a discounted price.

Trade-in: It might not fetch a huge discount and will involve thorough checks but it’s an option to consider.

Debit, Credit, Electronic transfers? These might involve interest rates depending on the amount but they do offer a layer of protection against the sellers.

Once you have purchased one of the used cars in Surrey ensure the previous owner has deleted all their personal data and have no longer access to your vehicle.